We can help you build the next-gen IT startup

We bring over two decades of expertise in managing R&D, finances, sales, and marketing organizations in IT startups.  Whether your goals are to audit your existing business processes and practices or create a new sales and marketing team, we would be able to help; We can establish the business processes for you or train your staff to reach their maximum performance. Understanding that the most important asset of any IT business are people, you can safely assume that the next valuable asset of your organization are the processes that enable your people to contribute the best way they can, maintaining the highest level of motivation. Let us help you here. Instead of reinventing the bicycle, use ours. 

Entrepreneurship and Inside Sales are explained in the most significant detail

Apart from building your entire sales and marketing machine, we at ANTARTON can offer you unique courses reviewing important topics like Inside Sales Model or Entrepreneurship and Lean startup, as well as digital marketing. The courses contain up to 8 hourly classes explaining every aspect of the subject.  

Each class is a well-balanced mixture of theory and practice where you can learn from the people who themselves gained the experience by running IT companies to the successful exit. If instead of building your Sales and Marketing organization from scratch, your goal is to unleash and increase your existing departments’ potential, we will be more than happy to help. 


Successful graduates will receive solid knowledge on the subject with:

Completion certificate

Deliverables in a form of PDF documents

Discount on any future courses

Don’t take our word, see
what our clients say

We are a small startup that needed to build a small inside sales team to start commercializing our solution. We hired Antarton as a consulting company, and the whole thing was shaped within two months. I learned the necessary concepts. Antarton helped with hiring. All in all, we are satisfied.

Peter Preston
Startup Founder

I attended the course. Well, most and foremost – I am not regretting. I am well on top of the theoretical questions and am making the actual sales on the phone. It is fun, and I can see I am moving in the right direction.

Jerry Walsh
Sale Representative

I bought the course for our sales department. Now I can see the progress; overall, we are a satisfied customer.

Jennifer Gomory


Excellent command of English

Desire to grow in an aggressive and competitive environment

Basic understanding of IT modern trends and approaches

The second language is an additional asset

It has never been
easier to manage
your IT Startup

1. Choose your course

You have an option to select either the “Inside Sales in Detail” or “Entrepreneurship and Lean Startup” course that is most suitable to your needs.

2. Submit online application form

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3. We will get in touch and sign you up

Now you’ve done the first and most important step on the way to your personal business growth:) We’ll contact you and speak all the details.